3-Hour Consultation

Why do I need a website consultation?

Is your website underperforming but you don’t know how or why? A website consultant is a professional problem solver who will offer you clear guidance on the steps towards improving your online presence. 

We bring over a decade of website experience to the consultation. This means that in a very short space of time we will distil your website’s challenges and give you clear direction on what you needs to be changed and how. 

10 examples of what we can help you with:  

3 Hours
$350 + 5% GST


The 3-hour consultation will be custom designed for you and your specific business needs and so the format can take different forms. It will not be 3 hours in one session, don’t worry! 

The time includes the 1 on 1 time with you, the time it takes for me to research and present recommendations for how you should proceed. 

An example of how this could look would be a 1hr of Zoom, 1hr of researching and writing recommendations, and then a 1hr Zoom follow-up. This format will be adjusted based on your needs, but the maximum time allocated is 3hrs for the whole process.

We can’t promise that we’ll solve all your problems overnight and that you’ll see a huge increase in website traffic/sales. This process is no silver bullet, but it is about as close as you can get! 

Our recommendations will rely on you to put in the time and effort in to make these changes. Our role is to put you on the right trajectory towards business success. 

We bring over a decade of experience as a digital service provider, so rest assured, you are in good hands and you will benefit from the process. 

For any additional hours required, or for consultation on an hourly basis, the rate is $120/hr.

$350 plus 5% GST must be paid upfront by e-transfer or cheque. 

The package is non-refundable, but if for any reason you change your mind before the first meeting then we will refund you 100%. 

The Process

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Amy Flexman Flexpeditions Portfolio
“Laura is one of the most professional, honest and trustworthy people I have ever met. She is upbeat, easy to work with, quick to make edits and suggestions to better the website and the company. Laura contributes to improve the business in any way she can and gets behind the company to become an integral part in its growth and success. I highly recommend Laura to build you a website.”​​
Alpenglow Mountain Escapes
"Laura at Revy Web Design is an exceptional web designer. Laura takes your ideas and runs with it, corresponding with the client every step of the way. She takes pride in her work and will help you at any moment throughout the process. I highly recommend Laura at Revy Web Designs you won't be disappointed. Thank you Laura!"
The Wandering Root
The Wandering Root
“Laura has been absolutely amazing to work with! She is so knowledgeable in the land of technology, and has helped me go from the 'vortex of mass confusion' to feeling like I got this. She is extremely efficient, professional, and no question is too big or small for her! What a gem. Will definitely be recommending her to others!”​​
Revelstoke Lawyer Arrow Law Corporation
Arrow Law Corporation
“Laura at Revy Web Design helped us redesign our website. We were very happy with the result. She provided prompt responses to our questions and fresh ideas that we had not considered. The pricing was more than reasonable and I would highly recommend her."
Revelstoke Chocolate Company
"With limited content available Revy Web Design created a website that exceeded my expectations. The design work approach is the same as a bespoke tailor. So far all of my requests have been met or exceeded. All of my bad suggestions were rejected and replaced with something superior. Excellent service."
Screenshot of the Sunnyside Farm Website
Sunnyside Farm
"Revy Web Design was fast, easy to work with, responsive and professional. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Laura. We highly recommend working with Revy Web Design for e-commerce website development, and Sunnyside Farm, Landscape and Gardens will be continuing to use Revy Web Design as a part of our on-going business operations."
Cliff Wettlaufer
"I found Laura of Revy Web design online and was so glad I did. She is so knowledgeable, friendly, engaging and helpful. She roles up her sleeves and gets the job done. Two thumbs up and 5 stars."
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