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Learn QBO happily offers approachable courses geared toward Canadian QuickBooks users. You can learn everything you need to know for confident bookkeeping with the help of Christina and Steve, two CPAs with a knack for numbers.

This bright and bubbly website was fun to create, so we have no doubt that the future users of Learn QBO will enjoy it as well. Katee, our in-house photographer, captured some great shots of the team behind Learn QBO. Our content writer, Marissa, worked her magic to pair the look of the website with the words. Finally, our website designers worked together to create an easy to use website that’s sure to make you want to learn.

I couldn't recommend working Laura and her team more! My site ticked all the boxes from functional and visual aspects. Laura was able to take the designs from my Instagram page and marketing brief and turn them into the intuitive and beautiful site that I was hoping for but couldn't visualize on my own.
Learn QBO website homepage mockup

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Do you like what you see? So do we! And so do our clients’ customers. Beautiful, high-quality photography paired with an elegantly designed website are the simple but magical ingredients needed to convert website visitors into customers.

These photos were all taken by our in-house photographer, Katee Pederson. Learn more about our photography services and how to book a session here.