Custom photography enhances your brand and visually elevates your website. We provide professional images of your product, service, team and more!

What we can help with

Smiling bald man with groomed beard wearing black rim glasses in a dark pinstripe suit and aqua shirt

Team Photos

From $350

Show off your all-star team with stress-free and far-from-boring headshots. We work with you to creatively portray your unique personalities.


Three women in a blue raft paddling along a river with mountains and trees in the background

Website Photos

From $450

Lifestyle photos that uniquely and beautifully display your brand help communicate your story and offerings to potential customers.


Cheesecake on a plate

Product Photography

From $20/item

High-quality, detailed images of your products and/or menu items will help establish value and trust with your customers.




As our resident photographer, Katee is experienced in commercial photography, videography, and digital editing.

Though she excels in all things related to professional photography her real gift is getting epic headshots from even the most camera shy folks. If you claim that your face will break her camera, Katee will be sure to prove you wrong!

She loves her community, and as a canoe guide, Alpine Club board member, and certified wilderness first responder, she thrives in the natural beauty of Revelstoke. (And her photos are absolute proof!)

Ready to Start?

Reach out to book a free consultation where Katee will help identify your needs and lay out solution options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After our shoot I’ll take 1-2 weeks to pick out the best images, tidy up any imperfections, and deliver them to you digitally for you to download and use on your website and beyond.

I will always hold the copyright to the photographs I take, but you have permission to use the photos in any of your promotional materials both online and in print. I always appreciate it when you tag @kateepederson on social media or mention me on your website. If you submit the photos to be featured in a publication like a blog, magazine, or newspaper beyond a paid advertisement, they must include a credit line with my name. The rights to display these photos belong to your business, so unless you’re selling the business and its assets, you are not allowed to sell the photos for others to use.

The number of photos you receive will depend on your needs and the package we build for you. I like to keep things easy for you, so I won’t overload you with too many photos that are super similar to one another, but I will make sure you receive a variety of images that will serve your business.

If something comes up that prohibits me from taking your photos, like an injury or illness (hello COVID-19), we’ll reschedule for a time that’s safe for both of us to continue. If rescheduling isn’t possible, I’ll do my best to find a new photographer to take my place or you can cancel my services at no charge. I’ll also look after any additional expenses related to the shoot that can’t be recouped.

If something comes up beyond our control that warrants a reschedule, I’ll work with you to find a new date that works. Changes are difficult with short notice, so keep in mind that you might not be able to book your prime date choice and your final deadline may be delayed. If any expenses related to the shoot (accomodations, models, location fees) cannot be recouped, those costs will be transferred to you.

Appropriate reasons to reschedule include personal or family emergencies, injuries or illness, COVID-19 symptoms or requirement to isolate and weather that prohibits our ability to accomplish our goal for your photos. Keep in mind that more often than not we can work around inclimate weather instead of rescheduling.

Don’t worry if you normally feel uncomfortable in front of the camera! It’s my job to help you feel relaxed and looking your best. I’ll give you direction and keep the mood light to ease the stress so your customer’s see you in the best light.