About:Revy Web Design

New and small businesses are my forte!

I will help you modernise your business whilst working closely with just you and your vision. I love creating your site from both the focused and the vague ideas that you have. Testing and tweaking until we publish perfection.

Your job should be to focus on the running of your business, not learning how to design websites. For example, if you’re a chocolate maker, I’d much rather you spent the time perfecting the taste of your chocolate than the toiling hours trying to understand how get on the first page of the Google Search results. That’s my job, and I will benefit from the better tasting chocolate.

Remember: I take care of every step from domain purchasing and hosting to maintenance, updates and security. We all focus on what we are best at.

This actually depends more on you than me.

It takes 1 month to make an incredible website from start to finish. We’ll make it live only when you’re good and ready. I’ll give you access to preview the site before it’s live. 

If your website needs are quite complex, or you require a large eCommerce store then it will take a little longer. The time is well worth taking. 

At the initial design process we’ll discuss this and I’ll give you a clear timescale. 

Revelstoke in British Columbia, Canada. 

Revelstoke is my home and I want to do everything I can to uplift the businesses and people here and in the surrounding area.

Being able to meet you is important to what I do and how I work, so if your needs are a good match then I am always happy to travel for you.

You can! I actually encourage you to try it out. If you’re reasonably techie then this might work for you. 

If your website has more than simple needs then I guarantee you that you’ll become frustrated with the sluggish page builder and lack of customizability. Websites crashing and dealing with faceless customer service are some of the complaints I frequently hear about the big companies. Your website should be a huge source of joy and pride, not of frustration.

At the very least you’ll gain a new found appreciation for how time consuming and complex website designing can be!

Simple and clear. 50% of the website quote is upfront, and 50% upon going live, when you are completely satisfied.

You can pay by credit card, but I do have to add an additional processing fee.

Any content edits that we make post-launch will be billed at my hourly rate. I send my invoices out on the 1st of each month with the standard 30 day billing period.

I started building websites with HTML as a hobby when I was 11 years old. I didn’t pursue it professionally until my late 20s. I have worked in the IT industry for 7+ years and have built over 20 websites. I have years of experience using Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress. 

About:Design & Development

I build all my websites on WordPress using the best page builder on the market, Elementor Pro. I have experimented with several services and styles over the years and nothing has come close to the level of customisability and ease for both your needs and my own.

Websites are built with a custom template, which means that your website is 100% unique to your needs. 

It starts with just an email. Reach out to me explaining who you are and what your wildest desires may be. 

I’ll learn as much as I can about your business and brand. Listening to what your business and website needs, tell you what Revy Web Design can offer, and then I’ll make you a proposal. 


I have two types of clients: those who want to make edits themselves and those who want to just want to email me the changes for me to update. 

If you’re not very techie or would prefer to be ‘hands-off’, it’ll be a lot easier for you to just email me any content changes you have. 

If you would like to have more control, we create you a WordPress account and show you how to make the edits yourself. My page builder is really easy to learn and I will provide training for you. 

Don’t sweat it! We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here. There are 400 million active websites right now and I’m sure you can find a few that inspire you. 

I’ll send you a few examples websites from your industry and you can tell me what features you like and don’t like and we’ll go from there. 

I work with an amazing graphic designer who is also based in Revelstoke. She can make you an incredible logo for a very reasonable rate.