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We are based in beautiful Revelstoke, British Columbia. Located in the world’s only inland temperate rainforest, Revelstoke is home to a large community of active outdoor enthusiasts, including the entire Revy Web Design team.

Revelstoke is our home and we want to do everything we can to uplift the businesses and community here, which is why the majority of our clientele are from the area.

Being able to meet in person (or over Zoom) is important to what we do and how we work, but if we’re a good match and you are located elsewhere we can definitely discuss how to make website magic happen.

I started Revy Web Design in 2019 when I received my Canadian Permanent Residency, but before that I had been designing sites for over a decade. I actually began building websites with HTML as a hobby when I was 11 years old. In my 20s I worked in IT, and I have years of experience using Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and WordPress. Collectively our team has more than 50 years of experience in our respective fields!

You can read more about Laura and the rest of the team here. 

We love to work with established small businesses. The passion that small business owners have really inspires us. We’re very experienced in working closely with businesses looking to modernize and improve their online presence. Achieving your vision to create a site from both the focused and vague ideas you have is our forte! We test and tweak until we publish perfection.

Web Design

First Steps

In a nutshell, this is our process:

1 Discovery. We will learn as much as possible about you (the Client), the website’s purpose, the target audience, and what type of content will appear on the site. This stage is also about making sure that our services are a good fit for your needs.

2 Planning. Working with you, we’ll create a site map and plan out the website. This includes determining how many pages are optimal and what those pages will be named. We’ll discuss what specific plugins are necessary, and how many forms and types of custom posts you may need. We’ll also cover what media assets (photos, video, copy) are required. Finally, we’ll quote you on how much everything will cost.

3 Designing. We’ll build the wireframe of the website (headers/footers/menus) and design the template(s).

4 First draft. We’ll add the written content and images to the website, and share it with you for the first Client viewing. You’ll provide feedback and we’ll make any necessary amendments.

5 Pre-Launch. At this stage we’ll test the contact forms and make sure that all the links work. We’ll check for any bugs and optimize the site for mobile. Simultaneously, we ask that you take some time to look over the website again to make sure you are 100% happy with it.

6 Launch. We publish! The site will go live for all the world to see. If agreed, we will also provide you with training via screen sharing and/or video tutorials so you can make future edits and updates yourself.

It all starts with a simple email. Reach out to us explaining who you are and what your dream website looks like. Laura will get in touch to learn as much as she can about your business and brand. Through this discovery we’ll identify your needs and develop and share a proposal.

We don’t guarantee improvements to your website’s Google search engine ranking, but the pages that we develop are accessible to search engines. The level of optimization we carry out will be agreed in the contract.

Read about our SEO packages here. 

On average, a website project takes 3 months from start to finish.

If you require branding, photography, or e-commerce functionality, anticipate it taking an extra 1-2 months.

During the initial discovery process, we will be able to give you a better idea of the project timeline as we’ll need to schedule your project start date.

Read about our WordPress website design packages and Shopify .

We primarily use WordPress and Shopify.

We build customizable sites on WordPress using the best page builder on the market. After experimenting with several services and styles over the years, nothing has come close in terms of flexibility and ease for both your needs and ours. Custom templates mean your website is 100% unique to your needs.

For those who need e-commerce functionality, we use Shopify. It’s less customizable than WordPress, but much more streamlined for sales (and far quicker to build!).

When We Build

We mostly communicate via email ( We use Google Drive for file sharing.

Unless agreed separately, you are responsible for providing us with all text and photo content for the website.

Customers want to see amazing and professional photos and this will empower your brand. Put simply: we can build you the framework for the most incredible website, but if your photos are low quality then your brand will suffer. We can help you with the written content and photography, just let us know.

You should supply media files in an editable format, such as .png or .jpg. You should supply photographs in a high-resolution digital format. If you require us to use stock photography, we can recommend both free and paid for resources.

We don’t want to limit your ability to change your mind. The price at the beginning of this proposal is based on how long we estimate we’ll need to accomplish everything you’ve told us you want to achieve, but we’re happy to be flexible. If you want to change your mind or add anything new, that won’t be a problem as we’ll provide a separate estimate for that additional work.

We have three website hosting packages that are suitable for one page websites to large e-commerce sites.

You may already have professional website hosting, which we will use to set up your website on. You are responsible for the management and update of that server.

For Shopify stores, hosting is different. Your hosting is provided exclusively by Shopify and is dependent on having an active Shopify Plan.


Absolutely! Towards the end of the website build, we offer training on how to log in and make edits to text and images. In addition, we will share video tutorials that we’ve created that you can refer to at any time. These will teach you how to do whatever you need to do on your site, such as adding new blog posts, creating new events, etc.

Finally, you’ll receive something we call a Website Owner’s Manual, which contains boring info about where your site is hosted, your website maintenance schedule, how to troubleshoot things, and who to contact if something goes wrong. (This is more useful in the unlikely event that you need to hand things over to a new web designer/hosting provider.)

WordPress websites will need to be maintained on a weekly basis. For security reasons and the integrity of the site, it is important to have the latest stable version of WordPress and its plugins. It takes approximately an hour a month and this varies based on how complex your website is.

If your site is a Shopify store then you’ve got nothing to worry about! Your site is automatically kept up to date by Shopify and requires no maintenance from either you or Revy Web Design.

That’s what we’re here for! Your expertise is best suited to the business that you’re in; your job should be running your business, not learning how to design websites. For example, if you’re a chocolate maker, I’d much rather you spend your time perfecting a decadent taste rather than trying to understand how to get on the first page of Google search results. That’s our job. (And, frankly, we’ll benefit from the better tasting chocolate!)

Remember: we can take care of every step, from domain purchasing and hosting to maintenance, updates, and security. Our stellar team works together and with you, so we can all focus on what we’re best at.

Within 1 month of the completion date, we are more than happy to make minor design changes or fix any bugs at no extra charge. After this date, we will charge any edits at the current hourly rate and rounded up the nearest 15-minute.


Maybe you feel like you have too much to say or don’t know what to say at all. That’s ok! We’ll talk in person, over the phone, or on video chat so that I can ask some questions that will help me get an idea of what your vision is and how you’d like your brand represented.

The tone of voice, style of writing, structure, any key-words (or words that must not be mentioned) are all important for me to know.


As a copywriter, I will make sure that your brand voice is consistent through all of your written content. This helps your audience understand exactly what you do and helps them feel more comfortable choosing your services. I’ll help put whatever you’re thinking into words so that your content is concise and to the point but still tells the story you’d like your customers to hear.


After our shoot it will take approximately 1-2 weeks to get the photos. We pick out the best images, tidy up any imperfections, and deliver them to you digitally to download and use on your website and beyond.

The number of photos you receive and own the copyright for will depend on your needs and the package we build for you. I like to keep things easy for you, so I won’t overload you with too many photos that are super similar to one another, but I will make sure you receive a variety of images that will serve your business.

I will always hold the copyright to the photographs I take, but you have permission to use the photos in any of your promotional materials both online and in print. I always appreciate it when you tag @kateepederson on social media or mention me on your website.

If you submit the photos to be featured in a publication like a blog, magazine, or newspaper beyond a paid advertisement, they must include a credit line with my name. The rights to display these photos belong to your business, so unless you’re selling the business and its assets, you are not allowed to sell the photos for others to use.

If something comes up beyond our control that warrants a reschedule, I’ll work with you to find a new date that works. Changes are difficult with short notice, so keep in mind that you might not be able to book your prime date choice and your final deadline may be delayed. If any expenses related to the shoot (accommodations, models, location fees) cannot be recouped, those costs will be transferred to you.

If something comes up that prohibits me from taking your photos, like an injury or illness (hello COVID-19), we’ll reschedule for a time that’s safe for both of us to continue. If rescheduling isn’t possible, I’ll do my best to find a new photographer to take my place or you can cancel my services at no charge. I’ll also look after any additional expenses related to the shoot that can’t be recouped.

Appropriate reasons to reschedule include personal or family emergencies, injuries or illness, COVID-19 symptoms or requirement to isolate and weather that prohibits our ability to accomplish our goal for your photos. Keep in mind that more often than not we can work around inclement weather instead of rescheduling.

Payment & Billing

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Laura, Maxine and the team at Revy did a great job creating a turn key website for our fabricating business. We are very happy with the result and look forward to having it as our online frontline.Thanks guys!
Working with Laura and her team is easy! They are knowledgeable, offer great customer service and can figure out what needs to be done in order to have a website that functions seamlessly. Thank you for all your help.