Revy Web Design’s First Year of Business

Sync Accounting in Revelstoke, BC, recently wrote an article about Revy Web Design’s first year of business as part of a “My First Year of Business” series. Founder Laura White from Revy Web Design shares how to manage the overwhelming feelings that come with a successful new business.

Thank you Christina from Sync Accounting and Marissa from our very own team for working on this article with us.

Here’s a short snippet:

Q: Were there times you felt overwhelmed as a new business owner?

A: Of course! Although I wasn’t expecting to. In the beginning, I found myself working ridiculous hours without any time off. This is an all too common story for business owners and went on for months. At some point, I found myself irrationally freaked out at the thought of even taking weekends off. At my most anxious, even going skiing for half a day filled me with dread. I felt like I couldn’t leave my clients in case they needed me, something crashed, or I missed an email from a prospective client.

Laura’s Tip: Hire an admin assistant! If your business is growing quickly, don’t try to keep up all by yourself. Hiring extra support is a smart way to restore your sanity and never miss an important email.

Q: What has helped you manage overwhelmed feelings?

A: I’ve learned that I need to work on maintaining good mental health every day. I do still get overwhelmed from time to time, but I’ve learned the importance of boundaries between work and personal life. I also take time off to stay active and healthy and make sure I have a support system around me.

Laura’s Tip: Being overwhelmed and stressed isn’t unnatural. There are plenty of ways to seek help whether this is online or through books. Here’s a list Laura recommends:

Tony Schwartz – The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working
Ethan Kross – Chatter
Simon Sinek – Start with Why
James Clear – Atomic Habits


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