4 Steps to Choosing the Right Web Design Company

Your website is one of the most essential tools for your business. A great web design company can be challenging to find, but it can also help your company’s business improve their online presence and revenue.

But, how do you know how to find a good web design company? What are the questions you should ask? What do you need to look for? 

Let’s take a look at four key steps to choosing the right web design company for your business. 


#1. Search For Web Design Companies Online

To find the right web design agency for your business, you need to do some preliminary research online. Build a shortlist of web design companies that you think may meet your needs. Take a look at some websites that rank various agencies and do some digging.

These sites often work with experts or an algorithm to analyze a company’s prowess, pricing, and reliability. Companies can change, so they’re not always completely accurate. But it’ll give you an indication about the companies available and who is behind them. 

While these elements may seem like a no brainer, they are crucial to finding the right fit.


#2. Examine Agency Sites and Client Sites

Examining the web design agencies’ websites is one of the essential steps in the process. There are a few things you should look for.

First, if the site looks outdated, old, or just plain clunky in general, then it’s probably not the right company for you. After all, their field is web design. A web designer’s website should be one of the best ways to sell what they can do. 

If their website isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, it doesn’t mean they’re bad. It just means they preferred something different for their brand. You can judge them by the ability to find the information you need quickly and easily. Every website should be that simple. 

If the website has you clicking more than just a few times to find the information you want, it’s going to repel consumers. This is the last thing you want to do when it comes to creating a website. 

You should also examine their website’s load times, high-resolution images, videos, and graphics. These things may not be the essential parts of a website, but it shows that it understands what’s important. 

Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, look at each design agency’s client sites. If their client sites are a mess, there’s little hope that your site is going to be a winner. Look for stunning portfolios and case studies and follow through on checking the client sites themselves rather than just glancing at the blurb on the agency site. 

Click here for examples of our work. 


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#3. Search For Reviews About Each Web Design Company

While a web design agency’s website can be very informative, finding reviews of their service can be an invaluable resource for determining their abilities, follow-through, and work ethic. Google, Yelp, and Facebook can provide a great deal of insight into the company’s professionalism, behavior, and reliability. 

Web design companies that get low ratings should be approached with caution. Ratings are subjective, and while a negative review isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker, several bad reviews are a red flag. 

Check out our ratings:

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Tristen Van Der V.
17:29 14 Feb 23
Revy web designs is wonderful. They answered so many questions of mine and helped me kickstart my business. Very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you!
Michelle L.
15:00 02 Feb 23
Revy Web Design built a beautiful and functional website for my massage therapy business. They were organized and communicative from the get-go with everything on my side laid out for me in easy-to-follow instructions. They were always professional and prompt, communicative and thorough. I always envisioned that creating a website would be a painful process but Revy Web Design proved me wrong. They walked me through every step and made the whole process seamless. I couldn't be happier with the end product! Thanks Laura and team!
Learn Q.
22:15 30 Jan 23
I couldn't recommend working Laura and her team more! My site ticked all the boxes from functional and visual aspects. Laura was able to take the designs from my Instagram page and marketing brief and turn them into the intuitive and beautiful site that I was hoping for but couldn't visualize on my own.
Arnoul M.
19:46 18 Aug 22
Working with Laura was an amazing professionnal experience.She built our website exaclty like we wanted, anticipating our needs and seeing through our ideas to understand our vision.I have been impressed by how fast and efficient her and her team are.Couldn't recommend more.
Jenise L.
18:41 08 Aug 22
Laura and her team went above and beyond creating our website. As this was quite a custom job, we didn't really know what the end result would be, my business partner and I are exceedingly happy with the results and would recommend Laura to anyone looking for web design work.Thanks Laura!
Miriam M.
18:41 04 Apr 22
Revy Web Design are professional, quick to help and technical wizards. I had a tech crisis this morning and Revy Web Design saved me. I cannot recommend this company highly enough!
Peggy F.
01:52 11 Mar 22
Wow! Laura and her team took an impossible task and made it achievable for me. My website is wonderful. I live with learning disabilities and I am a perfectionist and I simply could not make myself a website, despite being an artist and designer. Laura eliminated all the roadblocks one by one. She gave me assignments and due dates for photos and text, listened to all my needs and wants and put it all together into a site that is perfect for my business! Laura is supportive, patient hard working and talented. I recommend Revy Web Design whole heartedly.
Reworks Upcycle S.
01:04 01 Mar 22
Laura White at Revy Web Design Inc. helped me build a wonderful, new e-commerce store for my eco shop. The entire project was seamless from our initial meeting until the final launch. Laura was very knowledgable, organized and efficient. In addition, she was able to provide great advise and training. I highly recommend Revy Web Design Inc. for any website development.
Kyla G.
16:54 28 Feb 22
Working with Laura and the Revy Web Design team was an absolute pleasure! They're not only very talented, but also responsive, fast, and incredibly personable. If you're a business in Revelstoke (or somewhere close) looking for an A+ web design team, this is definitely my recommendation. 10/10, thanks Revy!
Eric M.
22:15 01 Jan 22
Knowing not much about design and having no idea what it could look like we trusted Laura to have freedom to be creative. We were super stoked about the outcome and wouldn’t have wanted it any different. The new website is clean, easy to navigate and fits our business as well as our personal life. Laura puts in a lot of effort and doesn’t mind switching it around until everything seems perfect . I highly recommend working with her.
Melissa M.
19:14 06 Nov 21
I found Laura through a google search as I was looking for someone familiar with the outdoor adventure business. When I contacted her she got back to me immediately. As it was my first time hiring a web developer, I was a bit apprehensive about the process, specifically regarding pricing and control. Laura was very transparent about her services and associated costs, and sent me useful videos for how to manage the website in the backend (which is very important to me). On top of this, Laura is a very pleasant person to work with. Not only she is organized, direct, and professional, she is approachable, fun, and empathetic. 1000% recommend.
Jeff H.
14:26 17 Aug 21
Laura is a total pro in every sense of the word and a complete pleasure to work with. She's charmingly casual to communicate with face-to-face and yet very organized - a great (but rare) combination. Revy web design as a whole has some real talent in it's ranks (Katee!). It all funnels down to a smooth ride with an amazing end result!
Galadriel R.
20:41 04 Aug 21
Laura was amazing through the whole website development process! I had actually hired people in the past to build a website, without success. Working with Laura actually taught me what professional looks like, and has set a very high standard of service. She walked me through many different aspects of how the site will function, sent me very simple step by step tutorials, both in video and written format. Just a pleasure to work with!! I am very pleased.
Mark B.
13:45 29 Apr 21
Laura has created a amazing website product for us! She is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. We would highly recommend Revy Web design!
Carter B.
21:06 14 Apr 21
Working with Laura was super easy, helpful, and productive. Much appreciated and we will be working with her more in the future.
Pau-Ling B.
23:50 30 Oct 20
Laura was great to work with. Very responsive to my queries and able to fix my problem with Mailchimp and Wordpress link. I would definitely recommend her to anyone with any mailchimp issues.
Cliff W.
17:16 21 Oct 20
I found Laura of Revy Web design online and was so glad I did. She is so knowledgeable, friendly, engaging and helpful. She roles up her sleeves and gets the job done. Two thumbs up and 5 stars.Thanks Laura
Sarah B.
03:55 16 Aug 20
Revy Web Design was fast, easy to work with, responsive and professional. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Laura. We highly recommend working with Revy Web Design for e-commerce website development, and Sunnyside Farm, Landscape and Gardens will be continuing to use Revy Web Design as a part of our on-going business operations.
03:09 11 Aug 20
Laura at Revy Web Design is an exceptional web designer. Laura takes your ideas and runs with it, corresponding with the client every step of the way. She takes pride in her work and will help you at any moment throughout the process. I highly recommend Laura at Revy Web Designs you won't be disappointed. Thank you Laura !!
Melissa K.
23:01 30 Jun 20
Laura at Revy Web Design helped us redesign our website. We were very happy with the result. She provided prompt responses to our questions and fresh ideas that we had not considered. The pricing was more than reasonable and I would highly recommend her.
Roberto P.
17:21 29 Jun 20
With limited content available Revy Web Design created a website that exceeded my expectations. The design work approach is the same as a bespoke tailor. Laura swiftly and efficiently linked market leader applications with powerful open source software e.g. QuickBook, Woocommerce or Shopify, G Suite for Business, MailChimp etc. The combination of software was tailored to suit the business.Revy Web Design provides tools that reduce cost. The ROI is significantly less administration work and minimized labour cost. Accounting, customer service, advertising, market research, inventory management, inventory management, auto replenishment of stock, shipping....The combination of open source software and paid applications delivers the maximum benefit at a low monthly cost. Affordable for a sole proprietor with limited income.I previously worked for over 20 years as a database programmer, integration consultant, IT manager, phone support and other roles. I was told once attitude and aptitude is more important than knowledge. Laura has an insatiable curiosity and desire to seek out better solutions. On several occasions I increased the scope of requirements, changed what I asked for with little notice. So far all of my requests have been met or exceeded. All of my bad suggestions were rejected and replaced with something superior.Short version - Good value for money. Excellent service.P.S. I am excited to see what Revy Web Design will do with professional photographs and content.
Rebecca R.
17:59 22 Apr 20
Laura has been absolutely amazing to work with! She is so knowledgeable in the land of technology, and has helped me go from the “vortex of mass confusion” to feeling like I got this. She is extremely efficient, professional, and no question is too big or small for her! What a gem. Will definitely be recommending her to others!


#4. Contact The Design Agencies That Made The Cut

Once you’ve gathered your list, done some research, and sifted through reviews, it’s time to gather a list of companies to contact directly. Prepare a list of questions that pertain to your specific needs and some that will address potential shortcomings (especially if you have seen criticism of a specific aspect of one company repeated in reviews). Don’t be afraid to address your concerns and ask how the agency is prepared to handle your needs.

The best web design companies will be just as curious about your business and what your goals are as you are of theirs. No matter how the conversation goes, they should ask you many questions in an attempt to understand your brand, project, and needs.

The questions they ask should include your expectations, goals, what your budget is, and your timeline, among other things. Good web design companies want to thoroughly understand their clients so they can do the best work possible. 

Good companies also reply to your questions politely, intelligently, and professionally. They explain things well and clarify anything that might be unfamiliar to you. 

If you’re talking to an agency that talks around you in circles with jargon-heavy, vague terms, they may not be the best fit for you.


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