Revelstoke Dogsled Adventures

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Revelstoke Dogsled Adventures is a family-run business operated by Eric and Connie Marsden and their pack of athletic Alaskan Huskies. They operate dogsled tours throughout the winter season with kennel and cart tours during the summer and fall.

We set up and integrated their booking software to make it easy for prospective customers to book dogsled tours in the winter or kennel tours in the summer. In addition to a robust booking setup, owner Eric also needed a tourism website that answered customers’ questions, as he is often outside of the cell service area.

Knowing not much about design and having no idea what it could look like we trusted Laura to have freedom to be creative. We were super stoked about the outcome and wouldn’t have wanted it any different. The new website is clean, easy to navigate and fits our business as well as our personal life. Laura puts in a lot of effort and doesn’t mind switching it around until everything seems perfect . I highly recommend working with her.
Revelstoke Dogsled Adventures Mockup

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Do you like what you see? So do we! And so do our clients’ customers. Beautiful, high-quality photography paired with an elegantly designed website are the simple but magical ingredients needed to convert website visitors into customers.

These photos were all taken by our in-house photographer, Katee Pederson. Learn more about our photography services and how to book a session here.