Nelson & District Arts Council

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Formed in 1969, the Nelson and District Arts Council (NDAC) is an inclusive organization that supports and promotes the artistic and cultural vibrancy of the communities we serve in Nelson and the surrounding areas. Led by a passionate team with a dedicated board of volunteer members, NDAC works hard to create opportunities for artists and creatives, strengthen the artistic community, and build cultural vitality.

Revy Web Design proudly unveils the launch of an immersive new website for the Nelson and District Arts Council, serving as a dynamic hub for art enthusiasts and creators alike. The website features a searchable directory, allowing visitors to explore the captivating murals and discover the talented artists behind them.

In addition, user-friendly forms for newsletters and applications streamline communication and engagement with NDAC. Leveraging advanced SEO techniques, the website ensures maximum visibility, drawing a wider audience to the rich cultural offerings of the Nelson community. Prioritizing user privacy, Revy Web Design implemented an auto-updating Privacy Policy, reinforcing trust and compliance with data protection regulations.

Revy Web Design’s team of web designers poured countless hours into crafting and refining every aspect of the website, ensuring a seamless user experience and stunning visual presentation. Annie, the talented copywriter at Revy Web Design, wrote content that captures the essence of creativity and community engagement fostered by NDAC.

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