Jackalope Bikes

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For the thrill-seekers, the bike nerds, and the curious, Jackalope Bikes are made to fit. Each bike is carefully designed and crafted with your use in mind to ensure the best possible ride every time. Adventure how you like with no limitations.

Revy Web Design built a smooth, slick website for Jackalope Bikes in the Big Eddy in Revelstoke. Marissa, our skilled Copywriter, worked her magic with the informative content. To ensure maximum visibility, Revy Web Design incorporated SEO techniques, optimizing the website’s performance on search engines.

Jackalope Bikes can now grow their customer base and their portfolio of bikes in one convenient place. Shopify is the perfect platform for any online retailer and Jackalope will now make it easier for many more people to be able to hit the trails the right way next season!

Laura and her highly capable team were very accommodating when we were building out our website. As many businesses do, we were developing our business model in conjunction with the website. They were very patient with us as we figured things out. Laura has the process dialed, she knows what's important to nail down at the start and it was so satisfying to see it all come together. Excellent local business!

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