How many photos will I own the copyright for?


The number of photos you receive and own the copyright for will depend on your needs and the package we build for you. I like to keep things easy for you, so I won’t overload you with too many photos that are super similar to one another, but I will make sure you receive a variety of images that will serve your business.

I will always hold the copyright to the photographs I take, but you have permission to use the photos in any of your promotional materials both online and in print. I always appreciate it when you tag @kateepederson on social media or mention me on your website.

If you submit the photos to be featured in a publication like a blog, magazine, or newspaper beyond a paid advertisement, they must include a credit line with my name. The rights to display these photos belong to your business, so unless you’re selling the business and its assets, you are not allowed to sell the photos for others to use.