Do I need to purchase a theme/template?

For WordPress websites I will create your theme and it will be uniquely designed just for your website’s needs.

You may have heard that it is possible to buy a WordPress theme ‘off-the-shelf’ and actually this is an affordable way to create a website that is ready to go and just ‘works out of the box’. However, from speaking from experience, these themes are always bloated (meaning your website will load slowly) and lack customizability. Therefore, I do not want to limit my customers by taking this approach.

For my Shopify clients, I take the opposite approach. Shopify has an excellent repository of free and paid themes that are highly rated. If I’ve recommended you to go the Shopify route then chances are that your business does not currently need the extra customizability that WordPress offers, such booking systems, and so a purchased Shopify theme will be more than enough to meet your needs. Customizability is limited, I will admit, but we can make a few changes in the code to adjust it to your likings.